Labor Party manifesto calls for hate speech laws

Labour’s European election manifesto has warned of “extremists” who will “undermine press freedom” and “social cohesion” if elected.

“The rise of the far right in Europe is a threat to the European project…” the party said, describing it as “poison for democracy.”

“When extremists have come to power, they take away workers’ rights, including the right to strike; undermine freedom of the press and the rule of law; They attack women’s rights and try to cancel LGBTQI+ rights. “They apply authoritarian and autocratic means to undermine freedom and democracy,” the party said.

“They feed on conspiracy theories and exploit fears about migration to divide society. “The economic measures favored by the right have had a terrible impact on social cohesion and democratic stability.”

Party leader Ivana Bacik said “Ireland cannot afford to allow the right to become the dominant force across Europe”, adding that the party’s “European priorities” include “fighting the far right “.

“We know very well that these conservative and reactionary forces do not have what it takes to address the problems that affect us all in our daily lives,” he said.

“…If you want a just transition for a sustainable economy, an EU plan for affordable housing, MEPs who stand firm against the far right and European solidarity with the people of Gaza and Ukraine, then I ask you to vote for Aodhán. Ó Riordain in Dublin, Niamh Hourigan in the south of Ireland and Fergal Landy in the Midlands North West.

By way of policy, the party’s manifesto outlines plans to end “misinformation”, “hate speech”, “online violence” and “cyber violence”.

The policy document, which was published this week, says that at European level, “hate crime legislation” should be expanded to “adequately cover sexual orientation, gender identity and sexual characteristics.”

The party says one of its priorities is “a feminist Europe” where the “gender budget” is included in “all European policies and governance”.

They also seek to “ensure that the (European) Commission is gender balanced by having each country propose a male and female candidate and develop a new Commissioner for Women position.”

“At all levels, women must participate equally in decision-making, negotiations and solutions… The fight for gender equality must be reflected in all policies and budgets,” the party says, adding that abortion should be included in the EU Charter of Rights. Fundamental rights.

In addition to this, they propose implementing an “LGBTI Equality Strategy”.

On the immigration front, the party will seek to “save lives in the Mediterranean and at the external borders, with the reintroduction of an EU search and rescue mechanism”. They will also seek to “ensure that the Pact on Migration and Asylum is implemented to the highest possible standards of human rights.”

Additionally, the party has outlined plans for a future response to the pandemic in the context of health.

“Covid-19 showed the EU’s essential contribution to ensuring access to medicines and equipment,” the manifesto reads.

“Health must be a priority in the next work program of the European Parliament and the Commission.

“…We want a European Health Union to manage future responses to the pandemic, protect universal access to care and treatment, and support and defend public healthcare at national level.”

The full 22-page manifesto can be read here.

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