One person dies after being sucked into the turbine engine of a plane on the runway

The incident took place at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

LONDON – One person died after being sucked into a plane’s running turbine engine at Amsterdam International Airport, officials said.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines made the announcement Wednesday that “one person ended up in a working aircraft engine” of a plane headed to Billund, Denmark, at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, according to KLM.

“A fatal incident took place today at Schiphol during which a person ended up in the engine of a running aircraft,” KLM said after the incident. “Unfortunately this person has passed away. The flight in question was KL1341 to Billund. “We are currently dealing with the passengers and employees who witnessed the incident at Schiphol.”

Authorities did not immediately release the identity of the person who died or say whether he was a passenger, employee or bystander.

Schiphol handles approximately 72 million passengers a year and is the third busiest airport in Europe.

Authorities say they are currently investigating the circumstances that led to the incident and will release more information as soon as it becomes available.

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