Conservatives trail Labor by just 12 points in new general election poll

It comes after the Conservatives unveiled two major new policies: bringing back a form of national service for 18-year-olds and the “triple lock plus” for the state pension.

The JL Partners poll puts Reform UK in third place in voting intentions with 12 per cent, followed by the Liberal Democrats with 10 per cent.

The shift that has caused Labour’s lead to collapse is among the over-65s, traditionally a cohort that is more supportive of the Conservatives. Among that age group, the Conservatives are 20 points ahead.

James Johnson of JL Partners said it was “just a survey, so let’s see if the trend continues. But what is behind this tightening since April is that the conservatives went from an eight-point advantage to a 20-point advantage among those over 65 years of age. “The pressure on pensioners continues.”

By calling an early election last week, the Conservatives would have hoped to be at the forefront of the campaign.

Their ads on national service and state pensions are likely to shore up their core support – older voters – and they have also run attack ads claiming Labor “have raided their pensions before.” It will happen again.”

But Redfield & Wilton had Labor leading the Conservatives in all age groups, including the over-65s.

Among undecided voters, pollsters found that 20 percent were more inclined to vote Conservative and 19 percent Labor, but 27 percent of those who had not yet decided said they were more inclined not to vote. than for voting.

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