Edgar Lungu laughing in the streets with party members – ZimEye

BREAKING: Edgar Lungu laughing in the streets with party members

By a correspondent | ZimEye | Despite earlier claims of strict security and public order procedures for political figures in Zambia, today’s meeting is proceeding smoothly under routine measures. Police are present as part of their normal duty to ensure public safety and compliance with normal safety protocols.

This unplanned meeting contrasts with more formal political events, showing Lungu in a relaxed atmosphere as he interacts with followers and supporters. Police are currently ensuring the gathering remains peaceful, reflecting normal procedures for public gatherings involving high-profile figures.

As details continue to emerge, the spontaneous demonstration underlines a moment of camaraderie and support for Lungu, suggesting his active and continued involvement in his party’s activities and public life. Stay with us for continued coverage of this developing story.

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