“They had no makeup or filter”: Miss Grand Singapore beauty pageant organizer defends finalists after netizens mocked their appearance in IG video

Most of us are probably familiar with the landmine that is social media and how harsh people can be.

Local beauty pageant Miss Grand Singapore, organized by investment management company AO Ventures, recently released a video featuring 14 of its finalists.

Delegates took part in an ‘This or That’ challenge, in which they paraded in pairs before choosing an answer.

Unfortunately, the video hit the wrong side of the Internet, with many netizens criticizing the finalists for their appearance.

“Are there no minimum standards for this contest?” asked one netizen, while another joked: “Are they the team?”

One particularly harsh comment read: “Totally CMI (can’t attend), there are so many cute ones and only these ones are participating.”

That comment got this response from the organizer: “Thank you for supporting women’s empowerment! “They have no makeup or filter in the morning training sessions (sic).”

This provoked a long chain of responses from other Internet users, and one of them explained that A beauty pageant is a contest about, well, beauty, but people who judge delegates on their appearance are criticized.

While we see why the organizer needed to defend the women, it forces us to ask: Why post a video of the finalists without makeup or filters in the first place?

In this age of social media, basically anything on the internet is subject to judgment, whether it’s good or bad. So why give ammunition to Internet users?

What do you think? Is it more important for beauty queens to look real and relatable? Or should they always put their best face forward, considering it is an appearance-based competition after all?

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