Raging inferno erupts inside Boston’s main tunnel after three-car crash, snarling holiday traffic

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A three-car crash sparked a fiery explosion inside Boston’s Ted Williams Tunnel on Friday, snarling traffic as the Memorial Day weekend begins.

The accident and subsequent fire occurred shortly after 4 p.m. on the east side of the tunnel, which carries traffic directly to Logan International Airport, according to the Boston Fire Department.

The flames quickly engulfed the three vehicles and caused thick black smoke to rise through the tunnel, forcing some drivers to abandon their cars and flee to safety.

Three cars caught fire after an accident in Boston’s Ted Williams Tunnel. Boston Fire Department, /X

Firefighters extinguished the fire quickly, Deputy Chief James Greene said, but the images show that two of the cars and the hood of the third were incinerated.

One of the cars was a hybrid and took longer to shut down, the department said.

The six people traveling in the three cars escaped to a local hospital with minor injuries, authorities said.

One of the cars, a hybrid, took longer to shut down, authorities said. Boston Fire Department, /X
Six people were inside the cars and were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Boston Fire Department, /X
The fire closed the tunnel to traffic for hours. Boston Fire Department, /X

The cause of the accident and fire, including which car started the fire, are still being investigated.

Authorities closed the Ted Williams Tunnel for hours after the accident, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation said. urging drivers to seek alternative routes.

The tunnel is part of a major artery in Boston.

The Ted Williams Tunnel, named after the famous Boston Red Sox outfielder, opened in 1995 as part of the massive “Big Dig” project that transformed downtown Boston’s network of roads, bridges and tunnels.

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