Parents of murdered British tourist Julie Ward buried next to daughter

  • Julie Ward failed to return home from a trip to Kenya in September 1988.
  • Her parents spent 35 years trying to bring their daughter’s killer to justice.

The late parents of murdered Julie Ward paid tribute to their daughter after more than three decades searching for her with the words “together again” marked on her tombstone, it has been revealed.

Jan and John Ward died in May and June last year respectively, after a lifetime fighting to bring their 28-year-old daughter’s killer to justice.

The couple, who were born and died within weeks of each other at the age of 89, were married for 65 years and never gave up their search for Julie’s killers after she failed to return home from a trip to Kenya in September. of 1988.

Tim and Bob, surviving children of Jan and John, organized their parents’ funeral and planned to bury Julie’s ashes in a plot flanked by their mother and father, reuniting them after decades apart, it was reported last year.

In a touching tribute, the parents’ headstone, in a quiet corner of a Suffolk cemetery near the family home, would read “together again”, The Mirror reported today.

John and Janette Ward, parents of the murdered Julie Ward, who dedicated their lives to tracking down their daughter’s killer.
Julie Ward’s father became convinced that the Kenyan president’s son was responsible for his daughter’s death.
Julie Ward, murdered at age 28 in Kenya 35 years ago, with her brothers Tim (left) and Bob (right)
Julia Ward. At age 28, she took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Kenya but never returned.

Bob reiterated his plans to continue the family’s investigation into Julie’s death, telling the newspaper: ‘I have sent the Metropolitan Police a very detailed and extensive folder on the investigation.

“It contained more than 100 crucial pieces of evidence pointing to the man who committed the murder,” he said.

“Last week I wrote to (Met Commissioner) Mark Rowley again to ask how the investigation was going.”

John and Jan Ward spent 35 years trying to bring young Julie’s killers to justice, costing around £2 million and requiring up to 200 trips to Africa.

Julie, on a wildlife photography trip at the time of her disappearance, was last seen going alone to pick up camping equipment on September 6, 1988.

Kenyan authorities claimed that Julie had not returned to her home in the UK after being mauled by animals, had been struck by lightning and had even taken her own life.

However, John gathered evidence that led them to Jonathan Moi, the playboy son of then Kenyan President Daniel Arap Moi.

Jonathan Moi died of cancer in 2019, but even then John refused to give up.

Two rangers were acquitted of his murder in 1992 due to lack of evidence.

The case was re-examined in 1997 and two years later a third ranger was tried and acquitted.

In 2004, an inquest in Ipswich reached a verdict of unlawful killing, but no one was ever charged.

“There was always a good chance that Dad would die before we had a solution and the natural conclusion was that we would continue,” Bob said last year, after his father died of cancer.

Just a few weeks earlier, John’s wife Jan had died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, aggravated by a chest infection, on May 25.

“Julie was my sister, so I can’t help but get swept up in the web of intrigue,” Bob said at the time.

‘It became a moral obligation for us to investigate, especially when we knew that governments (including our own, which protected their interests in Kenya) had lied.

‘I don’t think Mum ever had any interest in knowing exactly what happened to Julie. She closed her eyes and to some extent we protected her.’

“But for dad it was quite different,” Tim explained. ‘He was a detail-oriented man. He wanted to know. He was hoping to pull someone out of nowhere, make them say something.

“So there was always a balance: trying to protect mom and also moving the investigation forward.”

Speaking to The Mirror, Bob said his father had compiled his findings into a manuscript which the family now hopes to publish.

“Dad’s manuscript is truly a revelation,” he said. “It exposes the corrupt actions of the British and Kenyan governments, backed by solid evidence.”

She said her father had collected 458,000 words during the 35 years he spent investigating his daughter’s disappearance, which Bob has since edited.

John believed that Jonathan Moi, playboy son of then Kenyan president Daniel arap Moi, was responsible for Julie’s death. Moi died in 2019
The 28-year-old wildlife photographer was murdered in Kenya in September 1988.
Bob and Tim (pictured with sister Julie) vowed to continue their parents’ tireless work.
The amateur photographer was raped and murdered and her body dismembered and then burned (archive image)

John died a fortnight after his wife, in a nursing home.

“We feel very lucky to have had our parents until they were almost 90 years old,” Tim said.

‘They had been together for 70 years and married for 65. They would have found it very difficult to live without each other.

“One of the doctors said, ‘You’d be surprised how many couples who have been together a long time also die very close together.’

Speaking to The Mirror from the grave in Suffolk, Bob reflected: “Now the three of them are together again.”

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