‘The Daily Show’ Puts the Trump Assassination Plot Into Fox News Terms: ‘John Wilkes Biden’

“The Daily Show” cheekily played into Donald Trump’s assertion that the 2022 raid on his Mar-a-Lago estate was actually a government-sanctioned attempt on his life, churning out new nicknames for President Biden like “John Wilkes Biden” and “Double” “Joe Seven.”

In a Friday digital segment, the late night show corresponding Desi Lydic broke down Biden’s so-called “assassination plot” in layman’s terms.

“John Wilkes Biden approved a raid on Mar-a-Lago where FBI agents were authorized to use deadly force,” she explained. “The FBI was 100% out for blood — and if Trump wasn’t 100% 1,200 miles away in a different state, they would’ve gotten it. Nice try 00-Biden, or is it Double Joe Seven?”

“The FBI said this is ‘standard protocol,’” Lydic continued, before bringing far-right Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene into things. “Who are you going to believe, the FBI or the chairwoman of the House CrossFit Committee?”

Earlier this week, the GOP publicly suggested that a 2022 raid on Mar-a-Lago was actually a Biden-directed hit. The allegation has since been debunked.

“Don’t get it twisted. Biden was locked and loaded with a custom glizzy ready to pop a hot one in Trump’s fat dome,” Lydic reiterated. “And it all went through the FBI: The Federal Biden of I-ssassination.”

Ultimately, Lydic wrapped up her bit by highlighting Trump supporters’ ability to frame Biden as both a super villain and a super senior.

“Joe Biden is a senile old fool — who also masterminded an elaborate multi-agency assassination plot,” the comedian joked. “The man is incompetent, and also dangerously competent.”

Lydic’s commentary comes after guest host Michael Kosta similarly mocked the political conspiracy theory on Wednesday’s episode.

You can watch Lydic’s full “Daily Show” segment in the video above.

“The Daily Show” airs Monday-Thursday at 11 pm PST on Comedy Central.

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