US warns citizens that protests in Kenya could turn violent

The U.S. Embassy in Kenya has issued a demonstration alert to its citizens about planning protests on Thursday, July 11.

According to the Embassy, ​​demonstrations are expected to take place in several cities in Kenya.

Although President William Ruto calls for dialogue with affected KenyansThe embassy said calls for anti-government protests were still ongoing.

The United States said it had intelligence reports that some protesters were planning to block major roads during the demonstrations.

President William Ruto and Raila Odinga hold a press conference in front of KICC on Tuesday, July 9, 2023.


“Even seemingly peaceful protests can turn violent at any moment. Traffic disruptions and delays can be expected,” US citizens were warned.

As such, U.S. citizens in Kenya were asked to monitor local media for road and highway conditions before traveling.

For safety reasons, U.S. citizens were also advised to avoid crowds and keep doors locked and windows up while in a vehicle.

“Please notify your friends and family of your whereabouts and safety,” US citizens planning to visit Nairobi and other parts of the country were told.

Although President William Ruto has promised security to all Kenyan residents during any protests, the US Embassy said it was prudent for its citizens to review their personal security plans.

“Carry a copy of your US passport along with your current Kenyan visa,” the government also advised US citizens.

Several countries, including Australia, Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom, have also… have been warning their citizens about the demonstrations in Kenya.

The protests began in June as opposition to the Finance Bill 2024, but have since mutated into general dissatisfaction with the nation’s current political leadership.

Protests in Mombasa County on July 2, 2024



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