Newly created House Revenue Intelligence Unit is detrimental to streamlining – UPC – 93.3 KFM

The opposition Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party has warned the government over the newly created State House Strategic Operations and Revenue Intelligence Unit, which comes at a time when it has just embarked on the journey of rationalisation.

The creation of the Unit to address revenue collection leakages follows the recent creation of others with similar mandates, including the House Anti-Corruption Unit and the House Investor Protection Unit.

Addressing the media at the party’s headquarters in Kampala, UPC spokesperson Sharon Oyat questioned the relevance of such units, even though there are already government agencies tasked with combating corruption, such as the Government Inspectorate.

He also cited the Anti-Corruption Court, whose key role is to crack down on the corrupt.

Oyat warns that this duplication of functions could lead to clashes and misinterpretations of roles, rendering government agency streamlining efforts futile and increasing the cost burden on already strapped taxpayers.

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