A drastic measure is needed to complete the pending roads

State Secretary for Roads and Transport Kipchumba Murkomen has said the government must take drastic measures to complete pending road projects across the country.

The SC said it was high time the true state of the country’s road situation was revealed, in the spirit of the ongoing national conversation to resolve the challenge.

He said Kenya Kwanza inherited an outstanding bill of 150 billion shillings for road contracts across the country, a figure that has since risen to 165 billion shillings.

“For the last two years, this government has been accused of not communicating and it is because we have tried to behave like an African father who does not want to tell his children the exact state of his pocket in the hope that, over time, he will be able to get something for the children,” he explained.

“Unfortunately, your children’s impatience can easily eat you up because you’ve been trying to hide the truth of what is.”

In a statement, the SC added that it has decided to leave it open so that the people of Kenya know the state of infrastructure, the state of accounts and the budget.

Murkomen added that Kenyans should be willing to make sacrifices in other sectors to complete the roads.

He said the situation the country finds itself in is a systemic and historical problem because “we have increased the number of roads and approved budgets without a clear plan for how those roads will be completed before starting the new ones.”

“So when we took office, we decided that we were not going to start any new road projects until we completed what had been started,” Murkomen said.

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