Joint statement by the Defense Ministers of the Drone Coalition

We, the countries that are part of the Drone Coalition, recognize the importance of supporting Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression. To facilitate Ukraine’s military success, we have created the Drone Coalition. Drones are indispensable and play a crucial role on the battlefield. Ukraine has a high demand for wide-range and capable drones.

The Drone Coalition is focused on providing Ukraine with drones and components produced by the industry of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group (UDCG) countries, as well as finding ways to support Ukrainian manufacturers to ensure that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are equipped with the most efficient capabilities.

Drone Coalition members have already provided significant support to Ukraine by delivering drones. Latvia is providing a drone testing training ground for industry and the military in order to continuously improve drone technology. The UK has launched an industrial competition on behalf of the Drone Coalition to develop and procure first-person view (FPV) drones, from which 265 bids were received. These bids are currently being evaluated and the first contracts are expected to be signed in August.

Today, 10 July, Drone Coalition members signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that provides a framework outlining the Coalition’s core activities, management structure and procurement mechanisms. With this MoU, we establish the UK-led Drone Coalition Pool, enabling joint procurement for fast and efficient drone deliveries. So far, the Netherlands, the UK, Latvia, New Zealand and Sweden have pledged in total over €45 million to the Pool, with further contributions planned.

The Drone Coalition plans to deliver one million FPV drones to Ukraine. At the same time, coalition members are working to provide other types of drones, such as reconnaissance drones, attack drones, AI-enhanced drones, as well as counter-drone capabilities. Through the Drone Coalition we will pursue joint acquisition initiatives to utilize and expand national industrial capabilities. We, the Drone Coalition nations, encourage additional funding to be made available to achieve the coalition’s goals. The Drone Coalition remains open to additional allies and partners joining.

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