AFL News: Campbell Brown announces new West Coast Eagles coach will be his current assistant at rival side

Former American League Player Campbell Brown has revealed his firm message that Dean Cox will be the next head coach of the West Coast Eagles. The club announced the Coach Adam Simpson leaves on Tuesday by mutual decision, after three years of disappointing results.

Assistant Jarrad Schofield will be the club’s interim coach, but the Eagles are now on the hunt for a new full-time head coach. Speaking to SEN radio on Tuesday afternoon, former Hawthorn and Gold Coast player Brown said the information was that Cox will take up the role from 2025.

Campbell Brown with Adam Simpson.Campbell Brown with Adam Simpson.

Campbell Brown (right) has revealed who will take over as West Coast head coach following the departure of Adam Simpson (left). Image: Getty

Cox played 290 games for West Coast and is currently an assistant coach at the Sydney Swans. “I’ll give you a piece of breaking news,” Brown said on Tuesday. “You can take this as absolute truth. Now, he won’t be replacing him at the moment because he’s not at the club as he’s currently in Sydney. Dean Cox will be the coach of West Coast Eagles next year.”

Cox had already ruled out becoming West Coast coach, but that was when Simpson was still in charge. Eagles chief executive Don Pyke had already worked with Cox at the Swans.

Dean Cox, pictured here in his role as assistant coach at the Sydney Swans.Dean Cox, pictured here in his role as assistant coach at the Sydney Swans.

Dean Cox is currently an assistant coach with the Sydney Swans. (Photo by Daniel Carson/AFL Photos via Getty Images)

Ash Hansen is another name being floated as a possible replacement for Simpson, but the club wants Simpson to make one final push ahead of Sunday’s AFL clash with Brisbane in Perth. Simpson appeared before the media alongside Pyke and chairman Paul Fitzpatrick on Tuesday afternoon to explain the “mutual” decision.

The 2018 championship-winning coach has not yet decided whether he will coach against the Lions on Sunday. “I haven’t made that decision yet,” Simpson said. “Obviously, a decision has been made (to change coaches) and it’s mutual.

“I feel it’s the right time. I’ve been quite stoic over the last few years about the direction of the club. It’s a slow process, it will take a bit of time. Someone else will come in now, a bit like when I replaced Woosha (John Worsfold) at the end of 2013. Someone will come in with energy and will be able to grow with the group. I think it’s the right decision.”


Pyke, who was previously head coach of the Adelaide Crows, has ruled out taking over from Simpson. Instead, he will play a key role in his role as chief executive in choosing the right person for the job.

Former West Coast striker Hansen is currently an assistant at Carlton, but Cox is thought to be the favourite. Interim coach Schofield and Fremantle assistant Jaymie Graham are other highly respected figures expected to be sounded out.

“We’ll do as much research as possible to find the best person,” Pyke said. “We’ll put together a list of people to approach and start talking about how to lead the club in the future.”

“I know people will start to speculate who it will be. We have an opportunity with a group of players that we think is on the rise to find someone who has that energy, drive and passion to take the group where we want to go. He (Cox) will certainly be a name we would consider.”

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