Microsoft is now putting Xbox Game Pass day one titles at risk

Xbox’s Game Pass subscription service has gotten an update, but not everyone is happy with the changes as day-one titles are now behind an even more expensive subscription version.

Since its inception, Game Pass has included access to all titles. Now, several membership tiers have been announced, meaning you won’t be able to access all games with the standard option.

There are now Xbox Game Pass Core, Standard, and Ultimate versions along with PC Game Pass versions.

The standard edition of Game Pass costs $14.99 but does not include day one titles, while the Ultimate edition costs $19.99 and gives users everything they need.

For those who already pay for Game Pass, recurring charges will begin starting September 12. Updated pricing for new member subscriptions has gone into effect as of today (July 10).

The company has quietly introduced the change via an addition to its “Subscriptions and Billing” page on the website, which explains the difference between subscriptions.

“Xbox Game Pass Standard includes hundreds of high-quality games, online console multiplayer, and select member deals and discounts.

“In addition to all the benefits of Game Pass Standard, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also includes day one titles, select entries into the Game Pass Ultimate library, access to EA Play, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Perks, Quests, and discounts on games in the Game Pass library.”

The Standard version will be available in the coming months and more information will be available soon.

Xbox Game Pass users are furious over membership changes and paywalls

MuscleBoundGamer, who runs a Playstation-focused YouTube channel with nearly 100,000 subscribers, took to X (formerly Twitter) to share his thoughts on the update.

“Remember that time Microsoft told regulators and us that they wouldn’t raise the price of Game Pass after acquiring Activision Blizzard?

“It turns out they lied. What a surprise!”

The reason for the move to Game Pass has not been announced and is not yet known.

Another user called the membership change “complicated.”

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