Corporate team growth…short-term benefits, long-term scars, potential dangers, and game integrity.

Well, a server has been following with an eagle eye all the commotion over the sudden appearance of soccer teams from state entities entering the fray.

To begin with, we must examine this question very carefully and consider it properly for future purposes. Have I heard some experts say that such practice is beneficial for the overall development of the game as it provides employment opportunities for players?

Some of us have been in this game for many years and no longer allow emotions to influence our critical thinking. With all due respect, if you haven’t experienced the game to the fullest as a player, or in any other capacity, it will be difficult to understand the implications of corporate teams in our national league.

In any case, trying to explain the danger posed by the presence of these teams from the Correctional Services (police), the Defense Forces (soldiers), is trying to explain to a blind person the difference between light and darkness. For the love of God, the brother will never be able to grasp it because he has never experienced the light in his entire life.

Currently, Namibia has three teams from the aforementioned Ministries campaigning in the top-flight football league, namely the Mighty Gunners (squads), Khomas Nampol and Mariental Correctional Service (both gattaz).

Now, the fundamental question we must ask ourselves is: should we allow our most precious asset (football) to become a battlefield where money dictates the path forward?

Frankly speaking, these institutions have no business competing with ordinary citizens because the playing field is not level.

I correct myself. These guys have their traditional multi-sport games that compete annually on a national, regional and international level, so stick with your normal routine or join local social leagues. If the current status quo is allowed to continue, Namibian football is destined for a silent death unless the NFA introduces hard and fast rules to stop the rot.

We have already lost great teams with tradition, identity and history such as Black Africa, Eleven Arrows, SKW, BMC, Orlando Pirates, Chief Santos, Chelsea, Robber Chanties, Benfica, Young Ones, Ramblers, Life Fighters, Liverpool and Jefes Rundu.

I fear that in the near future our top league will be dominated by corporate teams if we don’t apply the brakes.

Soon we will have Pupkewitz Eleven, Jwala Boys, rowing on the Breweries ticket, Frans Indongo Conquerors, Kadulu Fishing FC and other invaders of various financial and banking institutions due to their deep pockets.

Let these companies sponsor established teams and let the legacy continue. Our football is losing its true identity. These corporate teams have no support base or track record. We should not allow our football to become a playground for all the Toms, Dicks and Harrys.

It is disgusting to hear people rejoice at the disappearance of big brands like BA, Fighters and Pirates, without realizing that their absence leaves a huge void in the history of national football. The name change of the Katutura stadium is an example of this. A significant number of football followers have distanced themselves from the game that brought them so much joy.

Certain historical institutions and monuments have sentimental value and should be preserved accordingly. I rest my case.