Barcelona signs Hansi Flick and Laporta informs Xavi of his dismissal

TOt Barcelonaeveryone is waiting for confirmation xavithe dismissal, which Juan Laporta It is expected that it will be announced in the coming days having already informed the coach that his time is up.

The president is going to end the contractual relationship with the Terrassa coach and, in addition, he has already signed Hansi Flick.

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In any case, there are still those in the club who are not so clear about the departure of the former Catalan midfielder, because they do not rule out a change in the agent’s approach and because the current coach’s termination agreement may be affected. complicated.

Movie is waiting for a call from Barcelona to confirm that it will be successful xavi. The German coach and the Catalan club have held conversations in recent days that have served to verify the good understanding between both parties, especially in the terms of the contract.

If the arrival of the former German coach is confirmed, Laporta will fulfill one of his dreams, since since his return to the presidency he has been committed to the German style in the Barcelona dugout.

Julian Nagelsmann, Thomas Tuchel, Movie and Jurgen Klopp They have all been to his liking and were part of his search for a manager. However, mainly for economic reasons, he finally chose to xavi.

Xavi about to leave Barcelona

Movie now it’s incredibly close to Barcelona but for his arrival to become a reality, xaviThe output must occur first.

His dismissal would cost approximately 20 million euros (between his conditions and those of his entire staff).

But also, Barcelona They must inform him that they do not have him and, to date, he has not been summoned to meet with Laportaalthough the coach’s intention is to do it on Monday, once the last LaLiga match at the Sánchez Pizjuán against Seville has been played.

Meanwhile, xavi leads the training, aware that he is probably living his last hours as Barcelona coach. On Saturday at 13:00 CEST he is scheduled to give a press conference, the usual pre-match press conference.

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