Tanzania’s ruling party says opposition party is planning to oust its leader who praised Zanzibar’s president

UngujaThe Secretary for Ideology, Publicity and Training of the CCM in Zanzibar, Mr. Khamis Mbeto Khamis, said on Thursday, July 4, 2024 that the ruling party was prepared to host the Deputy General Secretary of the opposition ACT-Wazalendo, Nassor Ahmed Mazrui, if he is expelled from his party.

He made the statement following rumours of preparations to oust Mazrui from ACT-Wazalendo, reportedly due to dissatisfaction with his recent comments praising Zanzibar President Hussein Mwinyi for what he described as “his significant efforts to improve the health sector” in Zanzibar.

Mr Mazrui made the remarks during the launch of staff housing at Abdalla Mzee Hospital in southern Pemba.

Mbeto said he had received information from a reliable source within ACT-Wazalendo indicating that some leaders of the party’s Central Committee held a secret meeting to discuss in depth the allegations against Mazrui.

According to him, most members would have recommended his expulsion, citing Mazrui’s statements that appear to support the CCM and distance ACT-Wazalendo.

Mbeto stressed that the CCM was a mentor and leader in democracy in the country and that the party was always ready to receive various leaders of opposition parties who would demonstrate their support through actions aligned with development initiatives for the benefit of citizens, without political bias.

In his explanation, Mbeto said Mazrui’s public declaration that voting is secret, therefore citizens have the freedom to choose a party that promotes development, has been a setback and a disaster for ACT-Wazalendo due to its policies of ridiculing, deceiving and criticizing the CCM and its governments by spreading false propaganda.

“The CCM is a sanctuary for politicians and all citizens. The key issue is to respect and adhere to our ideologies and policies, prioritising the concepts of truth and unwavering patriotism,” Mbeto said.

He said the CCM is ready to warmly welcome Nassor Mazrui, Minister of Health and Deputy Secretary General of ACT-Wazalendo, with open arms once he is officially expelled from his party.

He praised Mazrui as a political hero with firm principles.

According to the Constitution of Zanzibar, all citizens are free to express their opinions. Similarly, within political parties, all leaders have the right to express their personal opinions without compromising the position of the party.

Mbeto urged other leaders within ACT-Wazalendo to continue to speak out publicly in support of Nassor Mazrui’s position as this is the only way to free themselves from political imprisonment and democratic oppression within the party.

He added that political reforms within opposition parties will be led by a few dedicated leaders with strong principles, committed to safeguarding the interests of the majority of citizens, rather than a minority of leaders acting as political agents or mercenaries of foreign interests.

Mbeto further stated that the CCM will continue to uphold democratic principles and firmly implement policies that benefit current and future generations.

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