Gemini AI Chatbot now lets you play YouTube Music directly via voice commands – here’s how it works

Google has introduced new functionality for its Gemini AI chatbot, allowing users to seamlessly stream YouTube Music songs with simple voice commands. The integration, briefly revealed during the recent I/O event, is now gradually rolling out to users. This development enhances Gemini’s capabilities, bringing YouTube Music directly into its ecosystem.

How to activate the YouTube music extension

To use this feature, users must have the Gemini app and YouTube Music installed on their smartphones. Activating the YouTube Music extension is a simple process. Users can enable it through the web client by navigating to Settings > Extensions, or directly through the Gemini app on their smartphones.

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Enhanced command capabilities

Once activated, Gemini’s YouTube Music extension allows users to request songs based on genres, artists, albums, and more, either verbally or via text input. Additionally, users can issue more nuanced commands like “play music I like,” which asks Gemini to select playlists based on the user’s preferences and YouTube Music listening history.

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This integration marks a significant expansion of Gemini’s capabilities since its initial release. Initially criticized for its limited features compared to Google Assistant, Gemini has been steadily increasing its capabilities. It now has extensions for several Google services, including flights, maps, hotels, and workspace, as well as YouTube and now YouTube Music.

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Future integrations on the horizon

Despite these advances, some users have expressed disappointment at the lack of integrations for popular platforms such as WhatsApp and Spotify. However, Google’s continued efforts to improve Gemini suggest that additional integrations may be on the horizon.

In short, the integration of YouTube Music into Gemini represents another step forward in Google’s quest to improve its AI capabilities. By seamlessly combining YouTube Music’s extensive library with Gemini’s intuitive interface, users can enjoy a more immersive and personalized music streaming experience.

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