Dee’A and Hot Pocket Band will improve vinyl

Dee’A and Hot Pocket Band will host an electrifying live concert tomorrow at Vinyl in Windhoek, reinterpreting Dee’A’s music with a touch of local jazz.

The event is expected to offer a distinctive mix of jazz that highlights local influences.

In an interview with VIBEZ!, Dee’A described her unique approach as calm music and something different.

“Most jazz festivals are organized by foreigners or locals who perform international jazz. What we are doing is different; “We are bringing a local flavor to the music.”

Having collaborated for 11 years, Dee’A and Hot Pocket Band have developed a deep musical connection and live performance experience.

“We decided to come together and offer live music that truly appreciates and reflects our local culture. “We want our audience to experience the richness of live local music,” she said.

Dee’A added that since winter is starting but people still want to go out, they want to start with a warm concert.

He also said that this event will bring good vibes and good cheer, promoting the love for live music.

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