Singapore Airlines turbulence investigation, Hong Kong restaurant service, Indonesian couple’s twist of fate: SCMP’s 7 highlights of the week

Matthew Trickett covers his face as he leaves Westminster Magistrates’ Court on May 13. Photo: AP
The death of a British security consultant accused as part of The dispute over espionage in Hong Kong with the United Kingdom has raised questions about his past and his connections with the city. Former Royal Marine Matthew Trickett, 37, was found dead on Sunday in a public park in Maidenhead, Berkshire, just a kilometer (0.6 mile) from the registered address of one of his companies.

3. Lai vows to maintain Taiwan Strait status quo in first speech as Taiwanese leader

In his first speech as president, Taiwanese leader William Lai Ching-te promised to maintain the status quo in the Taiwan Strait and called on Beijing to work together for peace. “Cross-Strait peace and stability are key for the world,” said Lai, who was sworn in Monday at a ceremony in Taipei, succeeding his colleague from the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party. Tsai Ing-wen.

4. Chinese scientists propose tunnels to ease crowding on South China Sea islands

Yongshu, also known as Fiery Cross, is one of China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea. Photo: PLA
An overcrowding problem on China’s artificial islands in the south china sea could be solved with tunnels, according to a Chinese ocean engineering project team that says it has developed an excavation method to overcome the limitations of soft coral sand.

5. Noodle vendor’s outburst sparks calls to improve restaurant service in Hong Kong

At a small family restaurant in Hong Kong’s Tuen Mun, co-owner Monkey Lo has found himself dealing with overnight notoriety and an outraged online mob who wants his shop to close. A widely shared video clip last month showed Yat Bun Noodle restaurant chef, Lo’s younger brother Wai-keung, insulting a young woman who demanded to know why she had denied her boyfriend a student discount when the couple dined there the day before.

6. China’s top Covid expert is already preparing for the next pandemic. This is why

Illustration: Lau Ka-kuen
although new COVID-19 variants continue to emerge around the world, scientists and doctors have already begun to prepare for the arrival of the next pandemic. And as experts learn more about how climate change can affect the mutation and spread of infectious diseases, the question may not be if another will arise, but when.

7. 24-year-old Indonesian wife and surprised 62-year-old husband were dating at an event they attended at 9

In a strange twist of fate, an Indonesian woman discovered that the man she married was a groom she had met at a wedding when she was a child. Renata Fadhea, 24, from Bangka Island, Indonesia, realized after marrying her husband, 38 years her senior, that she had met him 15 years earlier.

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