Bigger and better government bid, strongly positioned and elevated at Mining Indaba 2025

TOAs the African mining industry continues to grow, the role of government in ensuring sustainable investment and development becomes increasingly important. In recognition of this, Mining Indaba is investing significantly to ensure the presence of a larger government mining contingency in 2025.

Improved government proposal

In support of this objective, ensure that the voice of government mining and supporting ministries is heard throughout the event, not only in the Intergovernmental Summit dedicated to the government, but in all key programs, including Disruptive Discussions, Sustainability Series and Technology and Innovation.

“Our government activity will also be held in a new home by 2025, the CTICC 2 building, which will provide a larger space for ministers to interact collaboratively, increased opportunities for attendance at the Ministerial Symposium, and more effective participation and time at our Intergovernmental Summit, new country investment forums, and traditional country showcases. As a government hub, we will offer ministers a single point of contact from which they can navigate conveniently and frequently throughout the Mining Indaba event,” says Zeinab El-Sayed, Head of Government Partnerships.

Future-proof government approach

The 2025 theme, “Future-proofing African mining, today!” draws on six key content pillars, emphasizing equality for all, to guide the future goals of Mining Indaba. Future-proofing from a government perspective involves implementing policies and regulations that ensure sustainable development, environmental protection and social responsibility in the mining industry. It also involves fostering innovation and technology adoption to improve efficiency and competitiveness in the sector.

“Cross-border cooperation is essential for governments to address the challenges their countries face in an increasingly interconnected world. To secure the future of their economies, governments must collaborate with each other and with the private sector to implement effective and sustainable policies. The success of these partnerships will be crucial to ensuring that the continent remains competitive and resilient in the face of evolving global challenges,” El-Sayed continues.

“A future-proof mining ministry is one that looks at how to foster investment with the ultimate goal of creating sustainable economic wealth for all African countries. This requires collaboration, across governments and industry, to ensure an aligned approach that addresses challenges around regulatory environments, infrastructure needs and community support. The Mining Indaba will continue to be the platform to provide solutions and facilitate conversations that lead to positive outcomes in this regard,” highlights Laura Cornish, Head of Content & Strategic Partnerships.

What can attendees expect in 2025?

News for 2025

  • National Investment Forums

A closed-door discussion will bring together ministries, community representatives, mining companies, investors and mining chambers to discuss ideas and address concerns, with the aim of improving each country’s investment profile with actionable results.

These guides will provide detailed information on investment opportunities, regulatory frameworks and potential risks for interested parties. Additionally, attendees will be able to enjoy interactive workshops and networking opportunities to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among interested parties.

Improved for 2025

Attendees can expect engaging discussions on innovative solutions for sustainable development, networking opportunities with industry leaders and the opportunity to help shape the future of African value chains. The symposium will provide a platform to share best practices, foster partnerships and drive actionable outcomes to promote socio-economic growth in the region.

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