Geosciences Council confirms tremor felt in parts of Johannesburg

JOHANNESBURG – The Geosciences Council has confirmed that parts of Johannesburg were hit by a magnitude 2.3 earthquake.

On Saturday night, residents in several parts of the metro, including Midrand, Auckland Park and Soweto, reported feeling their walls and windows shaking.

The council said that while southern Johannesburg was the epicenter of the tremor, aftershocks were also felt in surrounding areas.

While many took to social media to report their experiences, Johannesburg Emergency Management spokesman Robert Mulaudzi said no major incidents were reported.

“Shaking has been reported across most of the City of Johannesburg, particularly in areas such as Soweto, Kibler Park, Naturena and surrounding areas. So far, no injuries or major incidents have been reported through our emergency call centre overnight. Residents are urged to stay safe.”

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