UBOS launches latest effort to complete census exercise

Chris Mukiza, CEO of UBOS

KAMPALA, UGANDA – The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) is making a final effort to ensure that all Ugandan households are accounted for in the 2024 National Population and Housing Census. A clean-up exercise has been launched to cover approximately 30,000 households in the Greater Kampala metropolitan area. and 10,000 homes in hard-to-reach districts affected by landslides and floods.

The exercise, which began on May 23, 2024, is a crucial step in ensuring that no household is left behind. To carry out the cleaning task, UBOS teams have been deployed in the respective divisions, municipalities, sub-counties and town councils.

“We are committed to leaving no one behind,” said Chris N. Mukiza, PhD, executive director and census commissioner. “We urge all households to participate and ensure they are counted.”

Householders who have not yet been counted are asked to contact the LC1 chairpersons in their area to make an appointment for a census taker to visit their household. Affected households can also call the mobile phone numbers provided to schedule an appointment.

“We understand that some households may not have been included during the main census exercise and we want to assure you that we are here to help,” Mukiza said. “Our enumerators are trained to ensure that all households are counted and we will do our best to reach all households in the designated areas.”

The clean-up exercise will continue until Sunday, May 26, 2024. UBOS appreciates the cooperation and patience of the public during the census enumeration exercise and emphasizes the importance of being counted.

“It is important that they tell it. Accurate census data is crucial for planning and development, and we urge all households to participate,” Mukiza said.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be counted and contribute to the development of Uganda. If you have not yet been counted, please contact the LC1 advisor in your area or call the mobile phone numbers provided to schedule an appointment.

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