National Anthem: Lack of consultation will be misinterpreted as attempt to dissolve Nigeria – Shehu Sani to NASS

Former Kaduna Central Senator Shehu Sani has said the House of Representatives should have held wide consultations before altering the National Anthem or the pledge.

Sani said altering the National Anthem without wide consultation would be seen as an attempt to dissolve Nigeria.

In a post on

“Or it would be misinterpreted as a surreptitious attempt to dissolve the country by altering one of its most important pillars.”

On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a bill to adopt the old National Anthem.

The bill, sponsored by Majority Leader Julius Ihonvbere, was passed amid opposition from some lawmakers.

It was debated on second reading and rushed through a third reading in the middle of a noisy session.

Similarly, the Nigerian Senate held an executive/closed session on Thursday to deliberate on changing the national anthem.

Although the reason for the move has not been made public, the change is already attracting criticism from concerned Nigerians.

DAILY POST reports that the anthem was used from independence in 1960 until 1978, when the current anthem, “Arise, O Countrymen,” was adopted in 1978.

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