‘Have you eaten?’ – Watch how a pro-NPP trader grilled a journalist about economic hardship

Screenshot of the viral video (Courtesy social networks) Screenshot of the viral video (Courtesy social networks)

In light of the economic difficulties currently facing the country, some frustrated traders and members of the Ghana Traders Association (GUTA) have expressed outrage over these problems, with many citing the crippling exchange rate and rising import duties. .

In an interview with Accra-based UTV, a trader, who identifies himself as a supporter of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), criticized the government for ignoring the plight of citizens despite the country’s abundance of natural resources.

The trader highlighted the alarming exchange rate of 150,300 cedis for 10,000 dollars, which is making it increasingly difficult to import goods.

“Right now, if you want to exchange cedis for dollars, you need 150,300 to get 10,000 dollars.

“However, those in power tell us that nothing is happening, that the country is doing very well.

“I am a supporter of the PNP, but when you try to tell the truth to the government, they pretend not to hear anything.

“Why are we suffering in this small country like Ghana?” she lamented.

The trader recalled the economic stability during the tenure of former President Agyekum Kufuor when the exchange rate was relatively stable at $1 to 4 cedis and asked why he (Kufuor) was not consulted on the current economic challenges.

“Kufuor did a good job with the economy when the exchange rate was $1 to 4 cedis. Still alive.

“Why aren’t they (the government) going to consult him? Why are they allowing us to suffer like this,” she questioned.

In a hilarious moment, the shopkeeper’s frustration boiled over as he addressed the journalist: “You’re asking me, have you eaten this morning? Right?”

This exchange comes amid calls for the government to take measures to check the spiraling depreciation of the cedi and its economic effects.

Watch the viral video below:


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