McLaren’s line of high-end electric mountain bikes starts at $8,000

Supercar maker and F1 racing icon McLaren is looking to expand its customer base with a new line of four electrified mountain bikes, often called eMTBs. Like McLaren’s exotic cars, the e-bikes will be limited production, custom-made and expensive. Prices start at $7,950 and go up to $11,950.

The lineup will consist of four models in total, with two full-suspension “Extreme” offerings and a pair of front-suspension hardtail “Sport” options. All bikes feature hand-laid carbon fiber frames, carbon fiber wheels, mid-drive motors, in-frame batteries, and a large data panel embedded in a proprietary carbon fiber handlebar. The wheels are also carbon fiber units. “Inspired by the company’s award-winning supercars, the new range of four limited-edition motorcycles extends McLaren’s extreme performance-focused design and technology to the world of electric two-wheelers for the first time,” McLaren said in a statement. press.

Both Extreme variants (above) will feature full suspension, with the top-spec Extreme 600 model offering a 600-watt mid-mounted motor that also produces 161Nm of torque. It can also jump to over 850 watts of output for short bursts. It will offer five driving modes: “off” (without assistance but with the systems activated), Eco, Trail, Sport and Race. The front Pirelli tire will be 29 inches, while the rear will be 27.5 inches for greater suspension capacity.

The adjustable RockShox long-travel forks and rear suspension will handle the bumps of the road and trails. An electronically shifted 12-speed SRAM XX Eagle AXS drivetrain covers the gearing, while 200mm SRAM G2 RE 4-piston hydraulic brake rotors front and rear bring speed down quickly.

The $10,950 Extreme 250 uses many of the same bits but drops motor power to 250 watts and 121 Nm of torque. It also has a smaller, lighter 540 Wh battery and loses the “race” mode.

The sport hardtail models feature many of the same components as the Extreme bikes with slight changes to the brakes and 29-inch wheels front and rear. The Sport 600 sells for $8,950 while the Sport 250 costs $7,950. McLaren did not specify whether prices included shipping, but did say the bikes will be shipped directly to customers if they request it.

The handlebar region of each bike is proprietary, with carbon fiber bars that expand inward to include a bright 1,550-lumen dual-element LED headlight and a large automotive-style display that displays speed, power, fuel level. battery and other metrics.

McLaren does not directly specify bike weights, but instead provides a “power-to-weight” ratio that is most often used to quantify a racing vehicle’s capabilities. For example, the power-to-weight ratio of the Extreme 600 is 69 watts per kilogram (69 W: 1 kg). It is not entirely clear how that is calculated with imperial weights.

A video on the e-bike website shows the full suspension model being ridden very aggressively in a fog-covered forest. McLaren says the number of bikes will be “limited” but gives no clue as to how many units will be produced. Images sent to the media included a photo of the Extreme model mounted on a bike rack on a McLaren supercar (below).

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