British climber and Nepalese guide feared dead after climbing Everest

Image source, Instagram/@danpatwcf

Screenshot, The gym’s owner, Daniel Paterson, had been documenting his trip on social media.

A British climber and his Nepalese guide are feared dead after being hit by an ice fall while descending from the summit of Everest.

Daniel Paterson, 39, of Wakefield, and guide Pastenji Sherpa, 23, summited the 29,032-foot (8,849 m) peak on Tuesday as part of a group.

Nothing has been heard from them since.

Adventure company 8K Expeditions said rescuers were unable to find the couple and the chances of finding them alive were “not possible.”

The company that organized the expedition said the collapse occurred at Hilary Step, a vertical rock face near the summit, and that the men “fell toward the Tibet side across a very vertical slope.”

Image source, Instagram/@danpatwcf

Screenshot, Paterson, an experienced climber, said climbing Everest had been a goal for most of his life.

The company said recovering their bodies was difficult because rescuers could not access that side of the mountain and helicopters could not fly there.

The area is understood to be within the so-called “death zone”, the section of the mountain above 8,000 meters where oxygen levels and air pressure are not sufficient to sustain human life for an extended time.

Paterson, co-owner of Wakefield Crossfit, had been documenting his journey to climb Everest since arriving in the Himalayas in Nepal last month.

Their challenge was to help raise money for the family of a gym member who had recently died of cancer.

Paterson, an experienced climber, had previously climbed Ama Dablam, also in the Himalayas, which rises to 22,525 feet (6,812 m).

Image source, Instagram/@danpatwcf

Screenshot, He posted this photo during his trip with the caption “happiest in the mountains.”

In one of his last social media posts on May 16, Paterson said that climbing Everest had been his goal “for most of his life.”

He said he had spent the last 18 months preparing for the challenge of reaching the top of the mountain.

He added: “One thing I can guarantee is that I won’t quit smoking. I don’t get very scared in life, but what scares me the most is not making it.”

A Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office spokesperson said: “We are supporting the family of a missing Briton in Nepal and are in contact with local authorities.”

A Romanian climber and a British climber and their Nepalese guide were also found dead on Tuesday, the Himalayan Times reported.

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