Pomp and color as Biden welcomes Ruto at state banquet

The afternoon sun had set, marking the beginning of the State Banquet in honor of President William Ruto and his Kenyan delegation at the White House.

A classic fashion display unfolded as delegates arrived in style; women in beautiful dresses and men in classic suits.

The state banquet had no dress code as its theme. This meant that attendees had the freedom to choose which one was their favorite.

Host President Joe Biden and his wife Jill were the first to arrive.

They walked hand in hand with Jill wearing a long bright blue dress designed with glitter while President Biden donned a black suit with a bow tie.

Their arrival was marked by melodies of musical instruments played by the military.

The two had a few minutes of photoshoot outside the White House before taking position on the red carpet to welcome President Ruto and first lady Mama Rachel.

Mom Rachel wore a long black-gold dress with a spiral-shaped pattern at the bottom.

He got off the left side of the vehicle and walked towards President Ruto, who was wearing a dark navy blue suit and bow tie.

They joined President Biden for a photo op and were later joined by Ruto’s daughters, who looked stunning in long red and black dresses.

They were then taken to the White House, where they met with the delegation that had been invited to the State Dinner, including former President Barrack Obama.

As 8 p.m. approached, the two presidents toasted.

“I want to share the strong history we share with President Ruto…May God God hold you in the palm of his hand, Kenya!” Biden said as he gave the toast to cheers from the attendees.

In a reply, Ruto said:

“This partnership has kept us strong, effective and dynamic… a toast to the long life of Joe Biden and the first lady,” Ruto said while also receiving applause from the delegations.

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