Premier Li to attend 9th Trilateral Summit in Seoul

(ECNS) — Chinese Premier Li Qiang of the State Council will attend the 9th Trilateral Summit between China, Japan and the United States. Republic of Korea (ROK) in Seoul from May 26 to 27, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin announced at a regular press conference on Thursday.

China, Japan and the Republic of Korea are important neighbors and economies in Asia and the world, and in the process of jointly addressing the Asian financial crisis, the three countries launched trilateral cooperation, Wang said. Twenty-five years later, we have established a framework cooperation between China, Japan and the Republic of Korea centered on the summit meeting and supported by ministerial meetings, senior official meetings and more than 70 working-level mechanisms, he added.

Premier Li Qiang, together with the leaders of Japan and the ROK, will attend the upcoming trilateral summit, the China-Japan-ROK business summit and other important events and exchange views on China-Japan cooperation. Republic of Korea, according to the spokesperson.

“With the complex changes unfolding in our region and beyond, we hope that the upcoming summit will inject new impetus into trilateral cooperation and provide better ways of mutual benefit for all three countries,” he said.

China is willing to work with Japan and the ROK to implement the Vision of Trilateral Cooperation for the Next Decade and other important common understandings, deepen economic and trade, scientific, technological and cultural cooperation to promote regional economic integration in East Asia and promote regional and global cooperation. peace, stability and prosperity, she concluded.

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