A mixed holiday weekend

The UK is likely to see a typical mix of spring weather over the bank holiday weekend, with sunshine, showers and some longer spells of rain possible for some.

The heavy rain that some have seen in recent days is now gradually easing, although some showers will continue in some parts of the north of the UK until Friday, including Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Much of England and Wales will see dry weather on Friday, with the sun likely to shine best in the south.

Saturday will be a dry day across much of the UK, with some good spells of sunshine for many and temperatures likely to reach 20 degrees Celsius in some places in the south-east.

However, later on Saturday and Sunday we will see a change once again in UK weather patterns, as Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Mark Sidaway explained: “The bank holiday weekend will see some sunny spells and it will be quite pleasant in the sun for many.” on Saturday in particular.”

“On Sunday and bank holiday Monday we will probably return to sunshine and rain. Low pressure to the west is likely to push fronts towards the UK on Sunday, which will tend to break and become wetter as they do so. “We are likely to see some heavy, possibly thundery, rain on both days, but there should still be some dry spells in between, and with any sunshine it will be pleasantly warm.”


The outlook for next week continues to look changeable for the UK, with rain likely and more persistent at times, particularly in the north-west, while the south-east is likely to experience more dry weather. Temperatures are likely to be slightly above average for many, especially in the Southeast.

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