Man accused of robbing mobile money agent at gunpoint

KAMPALA – Kisekka Bahati, 27, and his friend Bugaya Edrine, 20, have been charged in court with possession of an illegal firearm, robbery and related conspiracies after stealing Sh3 million at gunpoint to a mobile money agent in Bwebejja, Entebbe road.

It is said that on June 6, 2024, at around 11pm, Mbadiremu Maria, a 28-year-old mobile money trader and shop owner, in Bwebajja’s cell was attacked and robbed by a thug armed with a gun.

According to police spokesperson – SCP Enanga Fred, the victim was approached by her friend Bugaya, who wanted to withdraw mobile money before a robber (Kisekka), who turned out to be Bugaya’s friend, armed with a gun, attacked and robbed .

“She, however, managed to positively identify the armed robber, as a friend of the client, Bugaya Edrine, and suspected of having committed a crime. “She raised the alarm and also the number of the police counter at Bwebajja CPS.”

Police would establish that Bugaya had conspired with Kisekka, the armed suspect, who was also arrested that night.

“Test practices of probative value, including; an unmarked pistol without a magazine, Ugx 1.5m, a black jumper, a hoodie, face masks and mobile phones with messages of support, were recovered from their known premises, at Nadia Excel Recruitment Ltd, rented by Aisha Nanyonga. “The pistol was smuggled from South Sudan by Kisekka Bahati, 27, to facilitate his criminal enterprise.”

The police urged the public to use the counter numbers of the nearest police station or police post.

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